Diamond Drilling and Sawing

Drilla Ltd has over 15 years of experience in providing Diamond Drilling and Sawing services to its valued customers. We possess a highly trained team of workers that cater to their customers needs nationwide. We are CSCS accredited and use cutting-edge quality equipment that guarantees a high standard and quick service.

If you need a quiet and minimal disruption drilling service, then look no further and hire Drilla LTD for this service. Using the latest diamond drill tool we can easily cut through materials including brick, stone, steel and strong concrete. During the construction, we use water suppression and dust control attachments that help in controlling the creation of the dust and have a safe working environment.

Safe & Controlled Diamond Drilling Services

We only use cutting-edge advance equipment in both manual and fully computerised machinery. We have rig-mounted core saws and drills and handheld machines with electric or hydraulic power sources. The type of mechanism used relies on your project needs. Our experts are trained in properly handling any type of machinery.

Professional Drilling Service

Diamond Drilling is the simplest method of forming holes and openings in a vast range of constructing materials, whether that is heavy strong concrete, brick, block work, natural stone or terrazzo tiles. Our efficient diamond drilling service can be used to create holes from 10mm to 1000mm in diameter either horizontally, vertically, angled or inverted. Our Diamond Drilling service is suitable for and adaptable to any environment, even in restricted and difficult-to-reach regions like construction sites, hospitals, supermarkets, newly constructed sites and factories.

Emergency, Nationwide & 24 Hour Diamond Drilling Service

If you got an emergency diamond drilling task that requires immediate attention, do not worry, we have a team of expert professionals accessible 24 hours a day, to assist you with the last minute diamond drilling needs.
We also offer a Nationwide service at highly competitive rates. Also, with the ability to complete your project requirements safely, efficiently and within budget.

Stitch Drilling

Furthermore, where suitable we perform a drilling method known as stitch drilling. It is a way of forming a big and unusual shape of holes through overlapping holes. This approach can be used to create holes vertically, horizontally, angled or inverted. It requires a little effort, but at Drilla LTD we have experts who can do it safely and efficiently without causing inconveniences. indoor storage units

Key Aspects:

  1. It is a clean and tidy procedure
  2. We use dry drilling method with vacuum attachment for dust free if required.
  3. We use wet drilling with full vacuum containment system if required
  4. It is vibration free with minimum disruption procedure.
  5. Utilise hi-tech, lightweight electric and hydraulic machines, automatic feed, and lightweight drilling machines
  6. It is an effective way to create holes.
  7. It can be carried out in confined areas, i.e. hospitals, supermarkets, offices and schools.

Why Choose Drilla LTD?

15 years of experience
Highly-trained workforce
Nationwide service
Strictly follow health and safety measures
Fully accredited
Latest hi-tech equipment
Guaranteed 8 am next day service UK-wide
No obligation site visits and quotation

So do not wait, call our experts Or Quote Us Diamond Concrete Drilling team today for a fast response.